Do you want to know how to change burn settings in Windows Media Player. Windows Media Player along with many other related pieces of software allows you to 'burn' audio tracks onto a blank CD-RW, these may be tracks you have purchased from Napster or MSN Music, you may wish to create backups of them.

It is possible to change the burn settings in Windows Media Player, to do this you must first load up the window:

Click Tools then Options

Then you will want to select the burn tab

Choose which options apply to your needs,

Burn Speed: How fast data is written to your CD-RW, this can be helpful if you don't have a fast CD burner

Apply Volume Levelling across all the tracks: This option will allow you to make all the audio tracks play at the same volume

Add a list of all burned files to the disk in this format:

WPL- The file format introduced in Windows Media Player Series 9 which allows you to create dynamic playlists, in Windows Media Player 9 and above the automatic playlist format is WPL.

M3U-The file format M3U was primarily used as an MP3 playlist format first introduced by WinAmp and now widely adopted by all major music software such as Realplayer, iTunes and Windows Media Player

Fit more music on the disk by converting to a lower bit rate: By selecting convert instead of do not convert you can choose the bit rate of the songs, the rule of thumb about bit rate is the larger the bit rate the larger the file size. So choose carefully whether you want more songs or better quality.