Have your Windows Media Player been giving you trouble? Error messages like "windows media player cannot find the specified file", windows media player failed to open your files, your music files are listed 2 to 3 times in your media library, and many other persistent errors. If you want to learn how to fix these errors, continue reading. I have divided this article for each type of error and how to fix them.

For those whose Windows Media Player fail to open certain files.

First of all, check if you have the right codec installed for this type of file. There are many types of media files. Each of them needs a certain codec installed in your PC in order for them to play correctly. You can find them easily in the internet.

If this does not work then your computer must have broken registry files. You need to repair them using a registry cleaner which you can download for free. Learn how to get them in the end of this article.

My Windows Media player keeps on malfunctioning after update

If you are experiencing this error, you have 2 options. You can remove your Windows Media player and install the previous version. The other option is to repair your registry files using a registry cleaner. This will fix the windows media player error permanently.

My media file is listed twice or more in my library

This problem occurs when you move your media file to a new location. Instead of replacing the old library file with a new one, Windows Media player makes a new entry. Fix this error by switching off Media player, then go to "Documents and settings/All users/Application Data/Microsoft/Media Index/" then find a file named "wmplibrary.db" and delete it. After you delete it, open Windows Media player and rescan your media files to create a new clean list.

If this problem keeps persisting you should check your registry files. Scan your drive using one of the registry cleaners.

Which registry cleaner program should I use?

There are many registry cleaners out there. Sadly many of them do not work well, and still leave some of your broken registries unrepaired. After extensive research on the internet I have found 3 best registry cleaners. All of them work flawless and will fix all your registries. Fixing your registries will also boost your PC performance. Since your PC will not encounter anymore errors.