Use the following steps below and start to enjoy the new look Windows Media Player today, you only need a few minutes to start this up and you will benefit hugely from it.
Windows Media Player downloads have always been left in the Microsoft downloads center, this area is jam packed full of great Microsoft software such as Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player, so you will want to head here first.

To get to this area click the below link, this will open a new window on your monitor so make sure there is room on the taskbar for you to easily access it:

You will now see a webpage with plenty of options, be sure to have a look around and see if there are any other Microsoft technologies that may interest you, there are also many great articles which can be used in troubleshooting Windows Media Player.

You will want to look along the left hand side of the navigation bar and locate the header "Download Categories". You will see a option that says "Windows Media", click this.

Now you are at the Windows Media Download page, click on Windows Media Player 11, which is the top option on the screen. You will now need to validate your copy of Windows to gain access to this download.

The Windows Geniune Advantage tool was introduced in order to combat pirated copies of Windows, the site requires you validate your computer, otherwise you will not be able to get access to the download.

Once you have succesfully validated your copy of Windows, you will be returned to the download screen, you will now notice that the button which says validate has been changed to download.

Click on this link.

The download will begin, the file isn't too big so it shouldn't take too long to download even if your internet connection is pre DSL or just extremely slow, be sure to shut some open windows in order to speed up the download process.

Once downloaded the setup file will appear on your Windows desktop or where you store your downloaded files by default. To check where this is

In Firefox:

Click Tools
Then Options

You will then see by clicking the main tab located on the top row of icons, there is a download section this informs you where your download is.

In IE:

The download area is defaulted to the desktop so just head straight there to locate the setup file.
So now you have located the Windows Media Player setup file, double click it to commence the setup process.

When you start the first window you will come across will be another validation window, however don't despair this doesn't mean your copy of Windows is invalid, it is simply a secondary backup check for the folks at Microsoft, just to be on the safe side.

Click I accept on the license agreement page, if you decline it the setup will not be able to continue.

Then setup will begin, the software will now be installed on your system and will be ready to use momentarily, this process completes upgrading Windows Media Player 10 to 11 for you in a flash. The setup is very useful in the fact is create a 'System Restore point' for your Windows Machine just in case anything goes wrong, you can simply use the System Restore tool to take settings back to how they were.

If you are facing any kind of problem with your computer then go for Computer Support