In this article I will give you some explanation as to why Windows Media Player cannot be removed from Windows Vista, now Windows Vista is Microsoft's latest operating system and with their push for more entertainment options within the operating system the decision was taken to keep Windows Media Player stuck into the memory!

When Windows Vista was first released back in January 2007 and the key thing that Microsoft had really pushed in my opinion besides the new security layer was the new fresh look to all media, including Windows Media Center.

Windows Media Player 11 was drastically improved throughout initial beta release of Windows Vista, and overall I can say that the software is very well crafted on the Vista Platform.
Now this whole business of Windows Media Player being the default media player in the Windows operating system has actually got Microsoft into trouble for being anticompetive against others in the market such as Real and iTunes.

In fact a recent ruling from the European Commision made sure that Microsoft offer a new version of Windows Vista, called Windows Vista N. Now this version simply has no Windows Media Player 11 included.

But the one point I wanted to make was for the legitimate users who are having problems with Windows Media Player 11, now I was helping a user just recently and they were explaining to me how they were missing some .dll files (for those of you who may not be familiar with .dll don't worry it just meant nothing was going to work). So anyway my usual recommendation naturally would have been to say "Reinstall Windows Media Player to collect those .dll files back into the Windows Registry".

Now the most promising thing I can reassure you is that Microsoft let's you install any other media software you want, so you will never be stuck with just Windows Media Player on your system, but hey for most of you I am sure it does a great job with your media files.
So the main reason Microsoft really wouldn't let you uninstall it was simply because they saw a large percentage of the market using it heavily, and in my opinion this is what made them keep it on.

If you have or face any kind of problem with Windows Vista or Windows Media Player then go for Microsoft Help.